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"Engaging in Carbon Offsetting Projects to Protect Urundel's Natural Beauty"

At Selva de Urundel REDD+ Project, we are dedicated to preserving nature for future generations. Our mission is to provide individuals and businesses with the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment by investing on carbon credits while benefiting Urundel´s community.

We are passionate about finding innovative and sustainable solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. We are committed to protecting the planet's natural resources and to helping our partners offset their carbon footprint in a meaningful and responsible way.

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"Preserving Nature, One Credit at a Time"

"Preserving Forests, Securing Our Future: REDD+"

Nature and Community 


The Selva de Urundel REDD + project aims to protect an area of 50,000 hectares of forest in the Southern Yungas region in northern Argentina.

The Yungas are mountain forests that are extremely important for the extraordinary biodiversity they contain and because they provide a series of ecosystem goods and services of the highest value, including the collection and storage of rainwater and the regulation of water basins.

This region, which in recent years has reported an alarming rate of deforestation, exceeding 1% per year, is now threatened by the constant expansion of agriculture, illegal logging and fires that every year occur more frequently.

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the forest

Training and equipment of firefighters, ready to intervene in the event of a fire in the project area



In the Selva de Urundel REDD+  Project, the benefit to the mitigation of climate change is expected due to 9,607,889.8 tCO2eq in the 30 years of the Project.

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Community Benefits

The expected communities’ benefits will be focused on educational issues, with training actions and research support in the property areas.


Biodiversity Benefits

Generate benefits by maintaining and monitoring native forest cover of the Project Area, in parallel with habitats and local biodiversity conservation, including species with some level of threat.

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The beauty of nature.

 Selva Urundel REDD+ Project area is located at the areas with the greatest biological and cultural diversity. It is recognized as one of the most diverse regions from the floristic point of view, and is characterized by a high proportion of endemic species with Laurasic and Gondwanic elements


Join us!

"Help Urundel Carbon Credits Preserve Our Natural World!"

Proponent and Developer: Carbon Credits Consulting Execution: Rodriguez Nocetti SRL

Landowner: Cia. Agric. Ind. Salteña SA

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