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"Selva de Urundel REDD+ Project 

Protect our future!"


The Selva de Urundel REDD+ Project: Protecting a Forest for Future Generations

The Selva de Urundel REDD+ Project, seeks to enforce the protection of the native forest and the biodiversity of the Urundel forest, located in the farm of Urundel, a private land owned by the company CAISSA. 

This project is executed by the company Rodriguez Nocetti SRL and proposed and developed by Carbon Credits Consulting.

These companies are involved directly in the project and its activities. The project area is located inside the “Finca Urundel”, located in the Province of Salta, Department of Oran, in northern Argentina.

About the project

The Project began in January 2021 and will last 30 years. It will be validated and verified by the VCS and CCB Standards. 
It is expected to generate emission reductions through reduced deforestation and loss of forest cover through the implementation of various activities including fire prevention and control, control of illegal activities that occur on the property (hunting, logging, herding), training and capacity development, cooperation with different institutions to promote alternative activities on the property including ecotourism and scientific research.



Contact us

For any inquiries, please get in touch.

CAISSA offices 

Finca Urundel, Urundel, 

Salta, Argentina

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Do you have any complaints or suggestions?

At the Selva de Urundel REDD+ Project , we want to listen and adress to all complaints and suggestions that may arise, for which we have defined the following protocol.

Actor raising a complaint or suggestion

Professional in charge of handling complaints or suggestions

Rodriguez Nocetti

Professional in charge of responding complaints or suggestions

Response to the actor who made the inquiry

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