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Project Benefits

Exploring the Benefits of the Selva de Urundel REDD+ Project

The crediting period of the project goes until 2051. That is 30 years from the project start date. Because the project area is located within private land and considering the family and business traditions over the land use inside the project area, it is expected that forest conservation will continue beyond the project lifetime.

Climate Benefits

In the Selva de Urundel REDD+ Project, it is expected benefit to the mitigation of climate change due to the reduction of the emission of 9,607,889.8 tCO2eq in the 30 years of the Project

Community Benefits

The expected communities’ benefits will be focused on educational issues, with training actions and research support in the property areas.

Biodiversity Benefits

The Selva de Urundel REDD+  Project intends to generate benefits by maintaining and monitoring native forest cover of the Project Area, in parallel with habitats and local biodiversity conservation, including species with some level of threat.

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